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Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hi, I’m Sharon and the face behind Asia & Beyond.

Asia & Beyond began in 2016.

It is a continuously evolving business. It has been developed, moulded, nurtured and driven through a passion and love.

The passion and love to travel and experience other cultures. To support overseas family business, community and artisans through purchasing their handcrafted products. Encouraging and supporting the use of recycled and sustainable materials. Celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of handmade furniture, home decor and giftware from places throughout the world.

My first overseas trip was 25 years ago. A memorable trip to Bali with friends, staying at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel. To this day it still looks as it did back then.

I was 17 weeks pregnant at the time and spent 10 days in a holiday destination that was a melting pot of luxury, beauty, rawness and at times confronting Tropical Paradise. Where the Balinese faces would always greet us with a heart-warming smile and the Spirit of Bali was deeply felt wherever we visited. Bali touched my heart, soul and spirit and has never left.

From this experience, I knew I needed to explore. Happy with my life, a partner, my gorgeous little boy and a baby on the way. I was content and our little family was complete.

My life purpose was more than my present life. It was connecting to other cultures and people. Making a positive difference to others’ lives.

Since the first trip, over the years, there have been many family holidays. Backpacking in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Java Lombok and more.

After every trip, more memories were made. We connected to people, children, families and they all had a story to tell. Friendships formed. (A person that comes to mind, Thu. We’re still friends. We met her in Vietnam. A teenager at the time). Another dish was tasted, another word learned and spoken in another language, another piece of art was bought to take home and hang. Another photo taken, moments captured, so as to not forget the experiences we embraced.

An experience, a soul calling, a dream.

Eventually, it became a reality. Asia & Beyond.

Business relationships and personal friendships have formed. Some have become family. There is a joy of bringing beautiful and unique pieces to you for your home, your sanctuary. Handcrafted by artisans throughout Asia. There are pieces that whisper a story of their own.

The journey continues…The time is here to connect, share experiences, knowledge and products with all of you. Asia & Beyond is excited to bring you new products and continue to stock our popular range.

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