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Reclaim, Recycle, Restore

Asia & Beyond work with local overseas family businesses with the focus of producing unique and hand crafted, recycled pieces of furniture and homewares. We encourage our suppliers to use recycled and reclaimed materials and timber. Educating the importance of the environment and sustainability.

Our suppliers use a range of timbers. The main timber used in our furniture is teakwood. The teakwood is sourced from a variety of environments.

We have a range of boatwood furniture. The boatwood is reclaimed and recycled from the old Javanese fishing boats no longer in use.

Our suppliers buy the useless boats directly from the fishermen. There is a collection of boats and boat teakwood on site.

When the furniture process begins, timber size, thickness, colour and quality is calculated and decided to create that perfect original piece. As the pieces are sanded the beautiful layers of colour are exposed, showing the paint colours from over the years and the imperfections from years in the ocean.

Our outdoor teakwood range is made from plantation timbers. This supports a sustainable environment and ensures timber is not taken from the forests and natural environment.

Other reclaimed teakwood furniture pieces are made from people’s dilapidated homes, old bridges, truck tailgates etc.

Our beautiful glass slump bowls and candle holders are a talking piece in any home. Each one taking on it’s own shape, size and character. There will never be two the same.

Recycled glass is collected and used. Moulded and shaped to the particular piece of recycled deadwood timber chosen to create that special piece.

Asia & Beyond continue to work with suppliers, supporting sustainable methods and their hand crafted skills. We are always on the lookout for that next unusual piece.

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